3rd Women's March Saturday in Cobleskill


For the third time, hundreds are expected to rally in Cobleskillís Veteranís Memorial Centre Park Saturday in one of more than 250 sister events to the Womenís March in Washington, DC. Womenís March Cobleskill will begin at 1pm and is expected to run till about 2:30pm. Participants are asked to bring signs and a quotation by a woman they admire to share. There will be speakers and an open mic. Last yearís eventóalso a rally and not a marchódrew about 450 participants, even more than in 2017, the inaugural year. All are welcome. Participants can register online at Actionnetwork.rog/events/womenís-march-cobleskill. Among the rallyís values and principles are endorsing the belief that womenís rights are human rights; that gender, racial and economic justice matter; that women have the right to live free from all forms of violence; and supporting reproductive freedom.

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