CRH, EMS learns from mock crash

CRH, EMS learns from mock crash

Cobleskill Regional Hospital and local emergency services tested their readiness with a mass casualty drill Saturday morning in Cobleskill.
The mock crash occurred at the Cobleskill Firehouse, and the scenario had a Public Transportation bus and an auto collide head-on.
Rescue squad workers helped victims from the car and bus and transported them to the hospital.
Getting a chance to put the new Emergency Department through its paces, the hospital staff activated a code yellow, indicating a mass casualty accident.
Staffers set up an incident command center and triaged the patients, whose injuries ranged from minor to critical.
Victims had visible 'wounds,' thanks to Eilene Fisher applying make-up.
Patricia Richards, RN, the hospital's emergency preparedness coordinator, organized the drill. She said it was a good test of staff readiness to respond to an influx of patients.
Hospital President and CEO Eric Stein agreed.
"This drill plays a very important role in helping us to identify our strengths and areas of improvement in a disaster situation, as well as our ability to care for a sudden influx of patients," Mr. Stein said.
"We are grateful to the community and for our local partnerships who helped to make this important practice a successful learning experience."
Helping make the drill as realistic as possible were members of Lawyersville Boy Scout Troop 56, SUNY Cobleskill Biological Honor Society students, Red Cross, Medical Reserve Corp, Schoharie County Office of Emergency Services, state Health Department and the county Sheriff's Office.
Also, Cobleskill Police, county Public Transportation, Cobleskill EMS, Cobleskill Fire Department, Rural Metro, Bassett Healthcare Network, Homeland Security and hospital employees and family members.
Patients included Jennifer Coleman, Alex Waldenmaier, Evan Kelley, Mary Griffith, Jack Pryor, Landen Moore, William Haley, Logan Rehberg, Bill Winton, Jacob Dafeldecker, Daniel Holland, Tess Alecksynas, Jacob Blake, Carly Rubin and Amber Schmiegel.
Also, Amy Gildemeister, Calvin Goodrich, Natalie Goodrich, Julie Goodrich, Lorlyn Kilmer, Corey Miner, Evan Gigandet, Holly Schmalz, Mark Waldenmaier, Lindsey Bennett, Carole Killian and Angelika Klapputh.

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